What we do...

CorpActive's products & services enable senior executives and operations identify and action the critical issues that impact value. Our team will work with you to develop successful responses to these issues across the entire organisation. We view strategic and operational financial planning and management imperative in the alignment with concepts of Value Based Management and increased shareholder/ stakeholder value.

An important component of an organization is to have good skilled and experienced people to carry out and implement the vision and objectives of the company. Operationalising of strategy requires good implementers. Hence human capital resourcing and development is a key focus area for CorpActive.

CorpActive focuses on providing competent, delivery-orientated and experienced professionals and staff matched with the task(s) at hand. These human resources would be placed as permanent staff members or as interim/contract period resources dependant on client requirements.

Our human capital professional consultants have been working in the human capital resourcing area for a number of years and have solid experience in the process from introduction, interviews to reference checks and career development. This together with CorpActive’s “hands-on” approach to being involved with the client brings about excellent depth in finding the right candidate.

Another key aspect of a successful business, project or initiative is to have effective and efficient programme/project management. This critical discipline and skill forms a basis of managing a project or series of projects in a way to achieve specific organizational objectives on time, on budget and with the desired outcome or results.

CorpActive views project management as the third focus area which assists in creating, sustaining and enhancing shareholder value stakeholder value.